A unique experience in Chile

    The Mayr Kur has been improving people’s lives for 25 years. It consists of a holistic detoxification with 4 fundamental pillars: body, mind, soul and spirit.


    The most obvious and rapid benefits are recovery of energy, restorative rest, reduction of compulsive symptoms, reduction and disappearance of inflammatory conditions or oxidative stress.

    We also showed improvement in mood, dyslipidemia, liver problems, metabolic syndrome and obesity.

    According to what the cure proposes, all this is the response to a direct treatment to correct the altered microbiota.

    Dr. Cecilia Mirenda

    Dr. Cecilia Mirenda, specialist in Internal Medicine, talks to us about Mayr Prevent Therapy in the context of the 25 years of its implementation in Chile at Hotel Termas de Puyehue. The therapy was developed by the Austrian Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr (1875-1965), it is a methodology that focuses on the importance of the digestive system in the general health of a person.

    “From my practice in more than 30 years of this medicine there are many beautiful experiences that throughout all these years I have been able to live thanks to Mayr Modern Medicine. For example, helping to improve the microbiota of a woman who wanted to have a baby and no fertility treatment worked for her until she performed the cure and the treatment was effective.”

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    Mayr Kur 2024 program calendar

    October 21 to November 11

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    Conscious eating is an essential pillar that nourishes our body, mind and spirit.