International reserve of Biosphere

    Termas de Puyehue Hotel is located in a humid temperate forest,
    an ecosystem featuring century-old trees reaching over fifty meters in height.
    It is nestled in a basin surrounded by Andean peaks,
    facing Lake Puyehue.

    Puyehue National Park: Keeper of Life on Earth

    The biosphere surrounds our planet Earth; life happens, diverse, original, and exuberant. Outside of it, no life has been found. To protect it, UNESCO declares Puyehue National Park a Biosphere Reserve, with 107,000 hectares of protected wilderness.

    Our Flora and Fauna


    Galaxias Maculatus

    "Puyehue" means "place of the Puye." This is a small ancestral fish that descends from the mountains to spawn in the estuaries.


    Chusquea Culeou


    Alcedo Atthis

    Morel Mushroom

    Morchella Esculenta

    Torrent Duck

    Mergenetta Armata

    Andean Fox

    Lycalopex Culpaeus

    Black Snail

    Macrocyclis Peruvianus

    How to get there


    The water is good for us.
    Rain becomes river and lake.
    It falls like a waterfall, emerges as thermal.